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The founder of Toms barbers the other two arms of the Toms empire, its with Tom where it all began. With 20 years experience, working all over the UK and in Australia, Tom is safe pair of hands. In those 20 years, in Lincoln at least Tom went from renting his own chair to becoming Barber and Salon manager and owning both sites. All the way through his career

Tom has sought to cater for all, loving working with younger clients and incredibly kid friendly to seen as a friendly face and respected by clients its no wonder people have been flocking to see Tom for 12 years. Its this popularity through passion and hard work which has allowed Tom to open his own and separate barbers at 74 Hemswell Avenue to meet demands but also changes in the industry.

Despite these changes, Toms own philosophy has never changed with regard to his views on the Barbering community and profession. Since owning the barbers, Tom has always sought to give back by welcoming and helping to train the next generation of barbers.  Toms selfless nature and love for his job and profession. Its how Tom also extends this selflessness to clients that Toms barbers and himself have become a corner stone of the local community.

Its no wonder then that Tom has gone on himself to many high profile achievements within his own field and was immensely proud to become a member on the Board of the National Hairdressers Federation.

Its with these natural skills that Tom also seeks to achieve a Masters in barbering which would ultimately be thee reward for the great service and skill he provides.

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