Name: Georgia Lewis

Position: Beauty Therapist, Stylist / Technician

You have anything you specialise in?

My favourite service is gel overlays, I love this service,  I get to spent time with people, Plus their a creative and artistic skill involved.

What you love about the salon?

I love being part of a team. The constant support from everyone.  Am always being encouragement to express myself and my work.

A little about your hobbies and interests in particular anything unusual or quirky?

I’m play for Lincoln Moorlands Railway Ladies Football Club, we play on a Sunday down Moor Lane, if you fancy checking out my footballing skills.

My love for football doesn’t stop there, and a qualified referee (No I don’t need glasses) I also coach junior football team, I support the Might Southampton (the second best team in red and white stripes behind Lincoln city)

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